Saturday, June 22, 2013

Special Ops: Organization

Earring Hanger
Today's post offers a trendy way to organize your earrings so they don't get tangled and damaged. It only requires a few items, and won't take up space on your counter or dresser top.
11x14inch wooden picture frame
5 yards each of 2 contrasting colors of twine
46 Screw Eyes
Step 1:Mark the inside of the frame at 1 inch intervals on all sides.
Step 2:Insert Screw Eyes at each mark.

Step 3:Tie twine to the first horizontal screw eye and then wrap the twine thru each screw eye from side to side horizontally, tie off at the end.
Step 4:Use the alternate color of twine. Tie the twine to the first vertical screw eye, wrap the twine from end to end through each screw eye vertically, tie off. Be sure to weave each row of vertical twine through the horizontal rows to make a grid.
This also make a fun way to display children's art work (just use clothes pins to attach) or hold recipe cards while cooking.
As always my blog, Scrappin Chaos, has details on products used.
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