Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Basic Training

Welcome to July's Basic Training!
Bottle Cap Flowers
The gorgeous flower on this card was made from simple ingredients and household items.
You will need:
One 20oz coke bottle cap
One 1/2 inch button
One 7 inch piece of twine
Seven 2 inch circles punched from vellum
Pierce two holes in bottle cap using the instructions found in this post:
Step 1.Thread needle with twine and set aside.
Step 2. Place button in the center of one vellum circle and pierce holes for the twine.
Step 3. Stack the 6 remaining vellum circles and pierce 1/2 inch from the edge.
Step 4. Place first vellum circle on paper piercer and then add 6 remaining circles. Fan out the circles so that they complete a circle around the first vellum circle.
Step 5. Hold vellum firmly, remove paper piercer.
Step 6. Run needle and twine through bottle cap, vellum circles, and button so that button will be inside the cap when the twine is pulled tight. Run twine back down through second button hole, vellum, and bottle cap.
Step 7. Press button into bottle cap and tie tightly with two knots. Leave twine ends for attaching flower to project.
Step 8. Fold vellum down around the bottle cap to resemble a flower.
Step 9. Attach to project by piercing corresponding holes in cardstock and tie twine ends. After attaching use a little hot glue to hold the bottle cap firmly to the page.
Have fun, and be creative!!

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