Saturday, May 24, 2014

Special Ops' day


Happy 'Special Ops' day!!!  You might know this already but Charity and I decided to switch it up a bit this I am with you for special ops.  The project I am sharing today is a fun 2 tiered storage stand.
You will need some wooden spools (4-5), a wooden dowel (that fits in your spools), wooden finial (that fits the top of your dowel), wooden discs (2 total-1 small and 1 medium size, these are used for support under the trays), wooden base (you can get these with a hole already drilled in it), some designer paper (to cover the spools and burner covers), ribbon, paint (spray and acrylic) and some burner covers (one package of 2, these will be used upside down) I picked up from the dollar store.

 First I spray painted the burner covers and wooden discs white.

Then drilled holes in all of the pieces, right in the middle, with a drill bit the size of my wooden dowel.

Then I painted the spools, dowel and plaque with acrylic paint that matched the paper I selected to cover the spools and burner covers.  I used my glue gun to attach the wooden discs to the bottom of each tray (burner cover which is used upside down)

I cut stripes of the paper I selected to cover the spools (an accent paper to the main paper to cover the burner covers).  I adhered with adhesive.   I also hot glued the dowel into the base and stacked 1 spool on.

By now the paint on the trays should be dry.  Cut paper to fit in each tray.  I used Mod Podge to adhere and then spread a generous layer to seal.

When the Mod Podge is dry place the large tray on top of the first spool.  I stacked 3 spools next, you can adjust based on how much space you want between your tiers and how long your dowel is.  Add you small tray, another spool and your finial to finish  it off.

I had some beautiful velvet scalloped ribbon that matched my paper that I hot glued around each tray.  It was the perfect touch.

This is the finished tray.  It is one of my favorite storage items on my scrappy worksurface!

And this is what I ended up using it for...I am glad I bought 2 sets of the burner covers cuz I am definitely making another one of these!!
Thanks so much for visiting today and PLEASE if you make one of these tiered trays I would LOVE to see it!!!  Just post a link in the comments.


  1. What a great project! I love it when I can make something beautiful that is also useful! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm definitely pinning this!!!

  2. So cute!! Love this idea! Very creative!

  3. How clever and fabulous! I totally adore it!!! TFS! :D