Saturday, October 25, 2014

Special Ops: Family Chalkboard

A laser cut plaque is the perfect place to display a large photo.
Today's project is fairly simple, although time consuming because of the paint layers.
You will need an unfinished wood plaque (11"x14"), washi tape, Ink-a-gold metallic rub, chalkboard paint, burlap ribbon (16"), twine, cardstock, and a large photo (8"x10").
Begin by taping off the decorative edges. I use washi tape because it leaves no residue.
Paint the center of the plaque with 2 layers of chalkboard paint. Follow instructions for drying times.
When the paint is completely dry tape off the edges of the chalkboard.
Rub the Ink-a-Gold onto the edges of the frame with a soft cloth, leaving no bare spaces.
Allow the first layer to dry, then randomly add a second color for a marbled effect.

Mount photo on cardboard and frame with cardstock. Leave a half inch of extra cardstock at the top of the frame. Place two eyelets into the top half inch of the frame. Wrap twine through lower edge of burlap ribbon and through the eyelets, tie in the back to secure.
Carefully center and adhere large letters to the front of the burlap, covering the ties.
Tie the burlap ribbon to the top of the plaque with twine, using a simple bow with long streamers.
 Now it's time to get your family involved. Have each person choose a word that describes your family. Write the words around the edges of the chalkboard with colored chalk.
Display your family photo with pride!!!
Check my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.
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