Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Featured S.W.A.T. Girl!

Please join me in congratulating

our first S.W.A.T Girl!!

We wanted to get to know Lydia so we asked her a few questions,
1. How long have you been scrapping and why do you love it?
I started scrapping about 5 years ago, just 'because' really - I saw someone doing it on the TV and I thought that it looked fun. I didn't really get really into it until my little boy was born and then that was it I couldn't stop taking photos of this little creature (even though he was really doing anything!) and scraping the photos at night so I could show him off to anyone wanting to have a peek.
I love scrapbooking because when I'm gone my babies will be able to look back on everything I've created for them and remember. There are times when I look back on some of my old books now and think 'my gosh.... I'd forgotten about that' so I'm sooooo glad I started this fabulous hobby as I don't want to forget these precious moments and sometimes my brain needs a kick start to remember- maybe its just too full ?!?! I just love creating and involving my babies is fun. My little boy loves it too, his fave is stamping and I'm starting to get Tilly at the mo ... she loves the BigShot.
2. What are you favorite tools and manufactures?
My favorite tool is... my craft knife. I love to scrape the edges of my papers for a soft distressed look. I don't think I could knowingly glue down a unscapled piece of paper!
My fave manufacture ... this is a hard one but I'm going to have to go with MME. Love their papers, brads, stamps........ They are always bang on trend and possibly at little in front at times... Oh and their washi... Have tubes of the stuff!
3. How do you usually get started with a layout?
Depends ... anything can get me going, papers, colours.... but usually its either a sketch or the photo that gets me on the right track. But if it's the papers that I start will then I will in all probability make the photo black and white!

And then we asked her to share a few of her favorite projects and here they are:

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  1. Hi Lydia! I really love your hat layout, all of the details are so sweet :)

  2. Howdy! Thanks for sharing a little about you with us. I love your layouts. I have always wished I could layer like that and have it turn out that neat and detailed. Very nice layouts.

  3. Hi Lydia... lovely work, amazing stunning and soft. Great layers... beautiful pages and glad to get to know you a bit better.