Saturday, March 30, 2013

Circus Saturday

Hey SWAT warriors, Captain Charity here!
You've been training hard all month but today is a 5th Saturday and I have a little AWOL time in mind for you!!!
Have you ever wanted to run off and join the circus?
That magical lifestyle of late nights, cotton candy, and flashy costumes seemed a dream world to me as a child. I practiced my head stands, somersaults, and balance act with single minded devotion.
Last weeks Special Ops project brought all those memories flooding back.
I asked our DT for some Circus Themed inspiration and here is what they came up with:

And here are a few pages from last weeks Mini-album as inspiration from me:
Today I invite you to run away with me to join the circus. Create a circus themed card and add it to the linky by April 4th. for a chance at this Circus Themed prize:
I can't wait to see what you come up with!
~Captain Charity~


Thursday, March 28, 2013

And now the winners!

We want to thank everyone who entered the Drills and took part in the Basic Training. We spent a lot of time going through each and every entry, and were so impressed with the submissions!
We hope that you will join us again in April!

But first, lets celebrate this month's winners!
The winner of Drill #3 Four Focus Fun, is:
Joefil, Please contact us with your email information to claim your 3 Scrappy Boys Gift Card.
Basic Training, Playing with Mists:
Silly Face
Michele, Please contact us regarding being April's S.W.A.T Girl!
Drill #4 Cheerful Cherry Cupcakes:
Kathleen, Please contact us with your email information to claim your 3 Scrappy Boys Gift Card.
Thank you all again for sharing your amazing
talent with us! We hope that you had fun!
Make sure you come see us Saturday for our
5th Saturday Surprise Challenge!
Please contact us by email at:
All prizes must be claimed by April 15th

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Send in the Clowns!

The juggler, the trapeze artist, the tight rope walker...between my three kids my house is a three ring circus until bedtime. What better way to commemorate their death-defying acts then this circus tent mini-album? Don't be scared away by its intricate appearance. Just grab a chair and enter the lions cage, you know you are DYING to see if you've got what it takes!!!
Thick Cardboard
Patterned Cardstock
Compass or large Circle Cutter
Paper Trimmer/Scorer
Stapler, Sewing Machine, or other instant lock Adhesive
Tent Base
Cut 1 Circle 9.5" Diameter of Small Flowered pattern paper
Cut 1 Circle 8.75" Diameter of Black Cardstock
Cut 3 Circles 7.5" Diameter. 1 of thick cardboard, 1 of patterned paper
Cut 2 Strips 1"x 11" of Black Cardstock
Step1:Trace 7.5" circle onto thick cardboard, cut out, adhere to center of 8.75" circle. Top with 7.5" circle of patterned paper.
Step2:Score strips of patterned paper lengthwise. Cut slits in paper strips from edge to center at 1" intervals down one side.

Step3:Adhere strips to edge of large circle so that a narrow gap remains between the upright edge of the strip of paper and the cardboard circle. Overlap the strips by one inch so that a 2 inch gap is left at the opposite end of the circle.
Step 4:Trace a 7.75 " circle onto the center of the 9.5" circle. Cut out center so that only the edge remains. Place 9.5" circle over Tent Base to cover the paper strips and edge of the base. Adhere.


Cut 1 Circle 7.5" Diameter
Cut 8 Triangles {2.75x4.5x4.5} from Narrow Striped pattern paper
Cut 8 Trapezoids {3.25x4.5x2.25x4.5}Coordinating pattern paper
Cut 4 Rectangles {5x5.5} Wide Striped pattern paper

Step1:Score all Triangles at 1/8 inch on both 4.5" sides. Adhere scored 1/8 sides together with seams
on the outside.
Step 2:Score all Trapezoids at 1/8 inch on both 4.5" sides, and at 1/2inch on 2.25" side. Adhere scored 1/8 sides together to form second tent tier, leaving top 1/2 inch loose. Fold these 1/2 inch sections down and to the outside of tent.
Step 3:Trace 7 inch circle at the center of 7.5 inch circle. Cut circle from edge to traced line at 1/2 inch intervals. Fold flaps toward the center of the circle.
Step 4:Adhere flaps to inside of large end of second tent tier. This step will create a "ceiling" for the third tent tier to rest against.
Step 5:Adhere tent peak to second tier by placing adhesive on inside of folded 1/2 inch sections from step 2 and matching them up with undersides of the tent peak triangles.

Step 6:Evenly space 5 eyelets on both 4.5" sides of 2 rectangles, and on one 4.5" side of the other 2 rectangles. Use twine to lace 4 rectangles together to form third tent tier.
Step7:Place third tent tier in the narrow gap between the tent base and the black side strips. Top with first and second tent tiers (do NOT adhere). Decorate at will.
Step 8:Cut multiple 7.5 inch circles for Mini album, using ribbon to connect instead of rings. Store album in lowest tent tier.
....and that's all folks!!!
~Captain Charity~
  {For a preview of a future Special Ops Training stop by my blog, Scrappin' Chaos!}

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Drill #4 Cheerful Cherry Cupcakes

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Drill# 4
Cheerful Cherry Cupcakes
Color Combination

This week we have a yummy color combination to get you
craving your crafty supplies!

And just for a little more fun we have a gift card from
3 ScrappyBoys up for grabs!

Now lets see what the S.W.A.T Team has created to get you started:
Our Guest Designer!


Now it's your turn! Let's see what you create with this fun color combo!

Thanks for stopping by today! Make sure that you come back next week for Special Ops Training with Charity!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Basic Training - Playing With Mists

Welcome to Today's Basic Training!

Playing With Mists!

Some of you may be very familiar with mists, and use them on your layouts or cards all the time.  Some of you may have never used mists at all.  Today I am going to show you a couple of fun, different ways to use mists. 

First of all, there are several different brands of mists you can buy, or you can make your own.  If I don't have, or can't find, the color I want to use, I make my own.  If you need the recipe for homemade mists, please click HERE to visit the tutorial section on my blog.

OK, let's get started!!

You will want to use some kind of mat.  This can get pretty messy, and the overspray seems to travel.  Play around with this on some scrap paper first, to get the exact "look" you want.

You can randomly mist on your paper. 

You can use a mask or stencil.  It can be placed anywhere on your page.  Once again, play around with it.

If you don't have any stencils, you can make your own.  All of us have chipboard shapes waiting to be used. You can place one, or several shapes around your page and spray away!  And, once you are finished spraying, you have some pretty colorful chipboard shapes you can use. 

You can also make your title on your page with a couple of sprays!  I have a set of raw chipboard letters that I save for this purpose.  I think it adds a great touch to a layout!

You can also use your mist to add splatters to your pages.  Take the top off of the bottle and "tap" or "flick".  Depending on how much you want to splatter, you may have to dip back in the bottle for more ink. 

As you can see, there are so many different ways to apply misting to your project!  Get creative!  If you are a pro, then try a new technique.  If you have never used mists before, I hope that you give it a try!

Here is my project for "playing with mists".  I sprayed the title, and also sprayed a piece of chipboard to add to the center of my heart, in the word "love".  I also misted the larger doily.

We would love to see your newly created misting project!  Submit a project showcasing your misting, for a chance at becoming our featured S.W.A.T. girl.  One winner will be chosen from all of the entries.  Be sure and link up your project using Mr. Linky.  Have fun, and be creative!!