Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Canvas Art!!


Hi everyone! It's Venetia. How fun is it to start your mid-week with some inspiration? I created this mixed media canvas to post over a mirror I have in my office for students. This year, our building is working on common language, and "Be your best self" is one of the expectations that we have outlined for students. My mirror gets a lot of traffic, and students read whatever is near the mirror. I thought that a canvas would be a fun reminder.

To create this, I used one of my favorite techniques, which is using inexpensive items for masks. Right now, masks are hot, and the aisles at my local stores offer many options. I prefer to use masks that are found, or that I create.  For this canvas, I used a mask that I cut from a Silhouette file on a paper from a pad that I knew I wouldn't use. After I cut the file, I used it to add the reddish dots using acrylic paint. I've used this technique on layouts, my favorite being one of my daughter using a plastic canvas. 

Masks are a fun way to incorporate new media, and if it is a technique you want to try, start with something you have on hand. It is a great way to experiment before you add an item to your stash that may not get used.

Remember, to be your best self, and don't be afraid to try out a new technique without all the latest and greatest accessories, I love trying on new ideas, and finding a way to "cheat" allows me to see if they fit before I fill my stash with items that I don't use.

Have a wonderful mid week, and try something new!

Thanks for stopping by today see you Saturday!!!


  1. Lovely Venetia and a great message too!!!

  2. I love this, Venetia! Not only is this a beautiful project with fun masks, but the message to your students is something everyone should remember every day!

  3. Awesome canvas and adorable lo! TFS!