Saturday, April 13, 2013

Basic Training - Playing with Modeling Paste

Welcome to April's Basic Training!
Playing with Modeling Paste!
Modeling paste is all the rage now.  Some of you may be familiar with modeling paste, others may not have ever used it.  Today, I am going to challenge you to try this fun element on your layout!
OK, let's get started!!
First, you will need to buy some modeling paste.  Not to be confused with gesso.  Modeling paste is a little bit thicker than gesso, and will give you more dimension.  However, if you have gesso, and would like to use it, no problem.  You will achieve the same, similar result.  Or, you can also make your own modeling paste.  Just check out you tube to get directions.  I use Liquitex Modeling Paste. I purchased this at Hobby Lobby, and the price was $20.99 (less the 40% coupon). This is a medium size jar, there is one smaller. (Don't forget to use a 40% off coupon for your Hobby Lobby purchases).
Next, you will want to make sure that you have a mat down on your work space, because, this can get a tad messy. 
These are a few tools you may want to use. Also, pull out your favorite mask.  
Next, you will want to set your mask down on your paper, and apply the paste to the top of your mask.  This is very similar to icing a cake.  You can apply it as thin or thick as you want.  Play with this.  Try it on a scrap piece of paper to get the look you want. 


 Once you are finished covering the mask, carefully lift off the mask from your paper. And, there you have it!  I let my modeling paste projects air dry.
Here is another mask I played with.  Check out the awesome dimension!
Something else you can do, if you don't want your element to be white, is to add paint to the modeling paste.  Just be sure to mix it up real well so it's not streaked with white. 
Here is the finished product with the paint added:
You can also apply it with a brush, similar to painting on your layout. It will look like paint, but, depending on how thick you apply it, it will have some dimension.  Modeling paste also takes misting and chalk very well, so you can apply color after you apply your modeling paste if you wish. 
Get creative with this!  If you are a pro, try a technique you have never tried before!  If you have never used modeling paste on any of your layouts, I really hope that you will try this! 
Here is my layout using modeling paste. 

We would love to see your newly created "modeling paste" project!  Submit a project showcasing your modeling paste element, for a chance at becoming our featured S.W.A.T. girl.  One winner will be chosen from all of the entries.  Be sure and link up your project using Mr. Linky.  Have fun, and be creative!



  1. Mmm, sounds like a fun challenge! I'm gonna have to run to the store now, I need to find one of those brick masks too.

  2. Really cool technique, Melinda! Your layout is wonderful!