Saturday, May 25, 2013

Special Ops: Altered Item

It all started with a dare....
"I bet you can get that case for 25¢."
"But what would I DO with it?"
"You know you'll think of something!"
And so I tried, and of course the price went down to 25 cents, and then they threw in more junk, and soon I was at $2 and wondering just exactly WHAT I was going to do with it all. Altering the cassette case was the obvious answer so I began with ripping off the faux leather.
Next I scrubbed of the remaining glue and used a craft knife to remove any stray bits of vinyl.
Then it was time for the fun part,
covering the case with paper.
Step 1:I chose a light, patterned paper for the center strip. I measured, cut, and adhered my paper so that I had a different strip for each surface. For this case there were 5 in all.
Step 2:For the edges I used a dark patterned paper. Again I cut the strips so that they didn't bend over the joints. When paper is used to cover the joints it tends to buckle and bulge each time the joint is bent.
Step 3:I painted along the joints where the papers meet.
Step 4:For the love of washi I added tape along the stripes of patterned paper. Washi tape has a little more give than paper so I wrapped it right over the joints.
My newly decorated Junque Trunk is a little off center and the paint isn't exact, but it has a very
flavor to it and will look delightful at any crop.
But why take it to a crop, you ask? Because it is actually a twine carrier! Now I can take my twine with me everywhere I go and have all my colors right at my finger tips!!!
Check this post (Thrilling Thursday) for a quick tutorial on making these twine cards.
As always my blog, Scrappin Chaos, has details on products used.
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  1. I LOVE this! So original! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Love it! Very creative and soo sooo useful!

  3. Such a great idea Charity! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the 80's flash back! Ah, cassette tapes!! :)

  4. Just found you. Like what you did- I will be back!