Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Basic Training

Welcome to June's Basic Training!
Fun with Stitching!
As a scrapbooker, have you ever noticed the cycle of "fads"?  Something will be really big, then fade out, then get really big again?  Funny how that happens.  Sometimes, we find ourselves so overwhelmed with the new "fads" that we forget to use some of our all time faves.  Today I am bringing back hand stitching!  I absolutely love stitching on a layout!  Either with the sewing machine or by hand.  I have never really stopped using stitching, but definitely don't do it as often as I used to.  It seems like we all get so busy and in a hurry to crank out a layout, we forget to stitch!  Today, I am going to give you some fun, easy ideas to "bring back" hand stitching to your layouts!
Supplies needed:
Piercing mat (optional)
Paper piercer
floss (color of your choice)
OK, Let's get started!!
Below you will see some samples of templates and tools available.  These are always super easy to pull out and use. 
If you don't have any templates, or you don't have the "right" one for your project, here are a couple of ideas to make your own. 

Freehand - You can draw, doodle or write and pierce holes in your own design.
Use a stamp of your choice.  When I am doing this, I usually use a watermark stamp pad, or try to coordinate ink color with the floss color you are going to use.  Simply stamp on your project and pierce right over stamped image. 
Use Chipboard of your choice -  Place the chipboard where you want it on your project, and carefully punch holes around it, while holding it in place.  In addition to shapes, you can also use letters. 
As you can see, you don't have to have a template to achieve the exact shape or design that you want. 
 That's  it!  Easy peasy, right?  Hand stitching on a layout, project or card is so pretty and can add such a cute touch.  The possibilities are endless!  I really hope that you will play along with this Basic Training.  Have fun with this and get creative!  We would love to see your newly created layout, card or project highlighting your stitching, so don't forget to upload your project!

Here is my newly created project with hand stitching:
 Have fun, and be creative!!

Please share your projects with us!

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  1. Such Great Tips!!! I love it! Thanks for sharing Melinda!

  2. Great post Melinda! I love the look of hand stitching too but always "forget" to do it!! I loved your tips for using chipboard shapes or stamps to create templates. I am going to try this!!

  3. Awesome LO! Love the "stamped" stitching! Thanks for some great ideas if you don't have stitching templates.

  4. This is really neat and I love your finished effect :)

  5. Fun technique and great tutorial!