Saturday, March 22, 2014

Special Ops:3 Dimensional Peacock

During Christmas Vacation I developed this Peacock. It was one of those days I woke up ready to craft and just couldn't get my ideas translated into paper fast enough. With a little help from my aunt and my brother I was able to complete this sparkly bird. These instructions are made specifically for Kreaxions Punch #905 (found here). If you will be using a different border/corner punch system be sure to have extra paper for adapting the instructions.

4 inch (circle green)
border/corner punch

Place center mark of the protractor at the edge of the circle.
Mark at 50, 70, 90, 110, and 130 degrees; draw lines.
Center punch on each line.
Trim areas between punch marks to resemble feathers. 
4 inch circle
border/corner punch

Divide circle into 8 sections, center punch on each line.
 Trim resulting "doily" in half and then lay against body
 to get the correct angle for the wings.
Roll body/wings on a vitamin bottle to get curved shape.
10 strips of each color (1"x 6") with ends punched.

Roll each strip length wise on a pencil to get curved shape.

Attach tail feathers in staggered rows.
Neck and Head

1.25 inch circle (green)
4 inch circle (blue)
2 scalloped corners (blue)

Cut 1" off the circle, wrap into cone shape, pinch the cone to make it narrow.
Match scalloped punched corners so that colored sides are out.
Fold small circle in half and adhere scallopes inside.
Attach circle to small opening of the cone, trimming to achieve desired angle.
Cut slit in neck, 1 inch from the large opening, for tail placement.
Check my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies used and peacocks in other color schemes.
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