Saturday, January 31, 2015

Special Ops: Dress Form

Dress forms are the height of fun for vintage decorating.
Did you know you can make one out of common household items?
Powdered coffee creamer, an empty Spool, a bit of burlap and the fun begins.
10 oz Powdered Coffee Mate
18 x 7.5" burlap
1.25" spool
floral wire
white paint
Step 1:Remove label and lid from container
Step 2:Open pour tab on lid, this will give the spool a secure base. Paint the lid with white paint.
Step 3:Fold burlap in half. Draw a diagonal line that is 3 inches in from the corner on both sides. Stitch the length of the diagonal line from the fold to the raw edge, sewing both halves of the burlap together. Do this for both corners.
Step 4:Stitch a line one inch from the raw edge that begins with the corner seam and ends at the bottom of the burlap. Do this for both sides.
Step 5:To give the waist a little more definition, carefully cut a notch from the side of the burlap, 5inches from the bottom. Do NOT cut the stitching.

Step 6:Pierce 4 holes in the lid corresponding with spool ends, wire the spool to the center of the lid using floral wire.

Step 7:Screw lid onto container. Turn burlap inside out. Place the burlap over the container. Tie a piece of string about the waist. For a more finished look turn the raw edge of the burlap under. Secure with glue or leave as is.

Your dress form is ready to decorate!!!
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