Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Vacation

Hello everyone!

We here at S.W.A.T  hope that you are all having a fabulous Summer Vacation!!

I know that my summer has been crazy busy! And shows no sign of slowing down, so S.W.A.T will be taking a brief much needed vacation.

Don't worry we will be back in the fall, refreshed and ready to inspire you to create!

Hopefully we will have time to pop in from time to time to share a bit of crafty inspiration this summer.... BUT officially we are on vacation

We will see you in the Fall!


  1. Hey it's waaay past fall, are you never coming back??

  2. SWAT had some of my favorite challenges. I hope they come back for the new year. This is of my top spots to check out when I'm in a scrapbooking slump.