Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Hump Day -You Are My Sunshine!

Hi Everyone! Venetia Here, Since we are in a new year of mid-weeks to get through, I thought I'd share a little sunshine with you. For those of you in those horrible temperatures I hope this warms you up just a little.

 I made this art journal page for my oldest, because this was my song for her. Even today, she is my little sunshine, which is so grand to have in the grey Pacific Northwest. She still remembers this song, and when she saw the page, she immediately exclaimed, "You made this for me!" True, but I want to share her sunshine with all of you. Happy 2014, and share your happy thought with us at SWAT by commenting below.



  1. Beautiful journal page, Venetia. The color you were able to manipulate so beautifully is amazing.

  2. Love the sentiment! My oldest daughter is Sunshine for the exact same reason!! Love your work!